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Hello again after a long absence!

So, it’s been a good while since I last wrote and promised to update as soon as baby number two had arrived. In fact, just over three months have passed and I do apologise for neglecting this blog in the process, but I was doing something that is virtually impossible for someone who is self-employed – switching off!

Rory arrived at home (as planned!) a couple of days after his due date. Although I have two boys, one of the biggest things I’ve noticed already is just how different they are in personality. It really is true when they say “All babies are different”.

I’ve enjoyed a three month ‘babymoon’, just soaking up that new baby feeling. But now I’m itching to get back into work mode. So over the next few months I will be blogging all the session updates that I promised, assessing my price plan for the new year, and pencilling in some new session bookings. I can’t wait to get back out there!

In the meantime, I will leave you with an image of Rory doing his favourite thing – getting changed.

A little maternity shoot (with me!)

The last of my client orders have been sent out, so I’m now officially on maternity leave! At almost 39 weeks we are truly into the ‘any day now’ stage. Having been three days early with Arlo, I am hoping not have the experience of going overdue, but we all know that babies have minds of their own and he or she will arrive when the time is right!

I haven’t yet decided on an official ‘return to work’ date (I suspect it will depend on how long this baby will let me leave them in between feeds, and how I adjust to being a mum to two!), but I will still be taking enquiries and am more than happy to chat about future photo sessions – so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you are interested in a family photoshoot.

In the meantime, I will be sharing some of the photoshoots that have kept me very busy over the past few months, as well as images I’ve been taking of my own family.

Today, I want to share some images from an impromptu maternity session featuring me and my toddler. I used a tripod and remote for some shots, and roped in my partner to help with the shots that needed more precise framing.

I avoided taking many photos at all when I was pregnant with my first, which is something I’ve since regretted. Speaking from personal experience, I think that even if you don’t feel particularly at your best when pregnant, it can be good to ‘force yourself’ to take some photos – I always find that there will be at least one or two ‘keepers’ in amongst the images that I don’t like of myself. I recommend having a gander at this link if you are feeling self-conscious about taking photos of yourself during pregnancy – let’s face it, you will never look as bad as this!

Stay tuned for an update on baby number 2’s arrival at some point in the next few weeks!


Toddler Smiles


There definitely seems to be a stage with toddlers when they learn how to smile on cue –¬† But a prompted smile tends to be overly-cheesy, and it’s the genuine, spontaneous smiles and laughter that we all want to capture on camera.

This is my son, Arlo, showing off his recently adopted ‘camera face’.

Arlo has my camera put in front of him at least once every other day, and as a result, I’m constantly having to think of new ways to get a big genuine grin.

This time I let him do his own thing – he thinks he’s doing such a great job of smiling for me, it’s quite sweet really. These are perhaps not images that I will ever find myself wanting to print to hang on my walls, but they are the perfect little memento of his funny personality at this stage in life and it always makes me smile to look at them.

A Special Offer: 40% off session fees

I don’t think I’ve yet mentioned here that I am currently five months pregnant, and expecting baby number two in May!

I would love to make the absolute most of the next few months by meeting lots of new families and providing many more lovely photo memories before I take a reluctant break from the world of family photoshoots and have some some self-imposed maternity leave. So I’m offering a whopping 40% discount on my session fees for all photoshoots booked to take place between now and the end of April.

Image prices are currently £10 per digital file (which you can print as many times as you like), and there is no minimum order Рcombined with the current special offer on session fees, this makes for a really affordable, great quality, fully edited images of your family. Please feel free to share this blog post on Facebook, or email the leaflet above if you know a family in South London, Surrey, or Croydon areas who might be interested in having a photoshoot in the next few months.

I’m very happy to report that this pregnancy has been an entirely relaxed experience so far (aside from a few weeks in the first trimester when I felt sick every time I looked at my computer screen – not the best when you spend 80% of your time editing images!) Two-year-old Arlo seems to have caught on to the excitement and talks about his little brother or sister every day – he mainly wants to know when the baby is coming out of mummy’s tummy to give him a present, ha!

In the meantime whilst we await baby 2’s arrival, I purchased a remote for my camera and have been concentrating on taking some family portraits of us as a three (although I really must learn that you don’t need to point the remote at the camera like it’s a TV control!)


An Autumn shoot with my toddler

Autumn has to be my favourite time of year for outdoor photoshoots. You get beautiful light, and the golden leaves provide  a stunning backdrop. I always try and fit in a shoot with my son at this time of year. Here are the results of the images I took in November.

These shots were all taken within the space of half an hour, which is about the usual time limit before both Arlo and his Dad get very fed up with me directing them into certain positions and following them with my camera – every weekend involves some element of this when you live with a photographer!

A Woodland Walk

We recently took our toddler, Arlo, for a woodland adventure so that I could road test my new lens.

The weather might have been rather dreary for the last month or so, but it means some hidden benefits when it comes to natural light photography outdoors . This cloudy day really helped bring out the vibrant woodland colours.

I am completely in love with this father and son shot.


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