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Newborn photo shoot in Clapham




Another of my photo shoots from May –  The family’s main aim was to capture that fleeting newborn stage during the first weeks of their son’s life, but we also fitted in some cheeky shots of this little man’s big sister too.

At just two weeks old, I think he had the best head control I’ve ever seen in a newborn.  He was very helpful and held that  top pose for at least ten seconds whilst I snapped away!

Newborn and toddler photo shoot in Clapham

I photographed this little lady at the end of May when she had just been joined by a baby brother.

It’s amazing how a good spot of natural light can really bring out eye colour on camera – just look at those all-natural blue eyes. Stunning!

And her newborn brother pulled some of the most expressive faces, I just love the muscle-man pose.

Newborn photo session in Eltham

This little lady was just six days old for her first photoshoot, and she was a natural – very calm and keen to show off those lovely eyes.

It’s really only a matter of weeks before newborns start to lose that ‘brand new’ look, which is why photographs at this age are always the most treasured.

Even the family dog wanted to have a go at modelling!

Family photoshoot in Reigate



I first met this family back in 2010 when we attended the same antenatal course. Our children were born within two days of each other and we’ve been friends ever since. Now a family of four, their little boy was just eleven days old when I visited for the photoshoot. This toddler was full of cheeky grins and had great fun showing off her newly acquired big sister status.

A photoshoot is a great way to remember those early days when a new arrival has just joined the fold.

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