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Toddler Smiles


There definitely seems to be a stage with toddlers when they learn how to smile on cue –¬† But a prompted smile tends to be overly-cheesy, and it’s the genuine, spontaneous smiles and laughter that we all want to capture on camera.

This is my son, Arlo, showing off his recently adopted ‘camera face’.

Arlo has my camera put in front of him at least once every other day, and as a result, I’m constantly having to think of new ways to get a big genuine grin.

This time I let him do his own thing – he thinks he’s doing such a great job of smiling for me, it’s quite sweet really. These are perhaps not images that I will ever find myself wanting to print to hang on my walls, but they are the perfect little memento of his funny personality at this stage in life and it always makes me smile to look at them.

A Family Photoshoot in Clapham

A lovely time was had in our house over Christmas and my two year old son is now fully aware of the meaning of the words ‘Father Christmas’ and ‘presents’ – it’s going to be a long wait until next Christmas!

Now that the hectic festive period is well and truly over and it’s back to work as usual in January, I’m finally getting around to sharing some of my pre-Christmas photoshoots.


This late-November shoot involved two-and-a-half year old and seven month old sisters and their parents. When I realised that the family live just round the corner from Clapham Common, I was keen to get some lovely autumnal shots in amongst the fallen leaves on the common.

On the day of the shoot I woke to grey skies and non-stop rain. But as luck would have it, just as we finished  up taking photos at home, the sky brightened and the rain took a break.

This photoshoot is the perfect mixture of classic, personal shots taken in the family home, and playful outdoor shots against a colourful, natural backdrop.

Newborn and toddler photo shoot in Clapham

I photographed this little lady at the end of May when she had just been joined by a baby brother.

It’s amazing how a good spot of natural light can really bring out eye colour on camera – just look at those all-natural blue eyes. Stunning!

And her newborn brother pulled some of the most expressive faces, I just love the muscle-man pose.

Family photoshoot in Reigate



I first met this family back in 2010 when we attended the same antenatal course. Our children were born within two days of each other and we’ve been friends ever since. Now a family of four, their little boy was just eleven days old when I visited for the photoshoot. This toddler was full of cheeky grins and had great fun showing off her newly acquired big sister status.

A photoshoot is a great way to remember those early days when a new arrival has just joined the fold.

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